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11/18/21 | Daily NFT Launches | NFT/Crypto Info

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  • Lazy Lions launch another key dapp
    One of their most important dapps has launched on 11/17/21, this dapp is the highly anticipated referral dapp. Creation of the Lazy Lions Den.

    • This dapp will help bring new people into the space

    • Within the dapp is your own unique Discord server invite link

    • Whenever someone uses your unique invite link you both receive a Lazy Lions collectible cards pack

    • These card packs will contain 2 cards each

    • There is a set completion incentive of being entered into a raffle for a Lazy Lion

    • The cards will be available on secondary market

    • Additionally the card will be polygon based so no high gas fees to deal with

    • The Lazy Lions Den will act as the communities way to vote on other community members ideas that they pitch

    • There will be a panel of hosts that will ask questions

    • The person pitching their idea will have 60seconds to talk

    • This process will be held on a live stage within the community Discord

Top Launches Of The Day

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< 0.05Ξ

  • The Rebelz
    Varied animal rebel avatars /w future p2e
    0.049Ξ | 10,000

< 0.1Ξ

  • Bionica Girls Club
    Genetically engineered themed women avatars /w future p2e
    0.055Ξ | 9,999

  • The Yolk Frat
    Varied egg themed avatars w/ unique holder access
    0.1Ξ | 9,999