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Switch up in how we’re going to approach listing collections
Hello Frens! GM to all of you! I just want to let you all know that we are very appreciative for your subscriptions to our newsletter and would like to update you all on some things that will be implemented to help provide you all with better information.

I think that we can all agree that there has been more than enough rug pulls within the space and Jpeg Vault wants to help put a stop to that. We can no longer as a community continue to allow these bad actors to have such free reign amongst us. We at Jpeg Vault want to establish a standard for collections to adhere to so that we as a community can have more trust in the teams behind these projects. I know so many of us are very passionate about trying to help artists and to help bring to life these amazing ideas. But we really need to zero in on the projects that have well meaning and are passionate about what they’re putting out so that we can cut out the other noise and continue to build up our community while weeding out these bad actors.

As apart of this standard we are working to implement to provide a clearer path to those more solid projects we at Jpeg Vault are working on putting together a structure for getting together with the teams behind the projects to conduct interviews! With these interviews we hope to get more solid answers to important questions about the project and the team, we will also be trying to show more of the personality of the team as well. We hope to use these interviews along side our standard to help increase that trust factor amongst the community and the space as a whole. This will be in combination with a new method of allowing the teams of these projects to come to us via providing them with a google form that they can fill out to give details of their project. With this new method we may not be listing new projects every day like we have been. However with that being said when we do list any projects you will be able to have more trust in what we do list as we’ve been able to conduct more of our own verification for these projects.

For the standard we are working on implementing things like having more information about the people in the team for the project, even to the extent of requiring the teams to doxx themselves is something we’re thinking of. We think that this will be one of the core components to this standard we set as knowing the people behind the project to us is one of the more important pieces of information to have to help build up the trust factor.

If you would like to come join in on the discussion for deciding what else we decide will be apart of this standard you can come join our community Discord server. At the moment the invitation link is set to only allow 100 people into the server and we have already had some members join with said invite link. We are doing this to more so recognize the people who are paying more attention to our project in its beginning. Not only will you be able to participate in the discussion for the standard but also have some say in a few features within the community Discord itself like helping decide which NFT projects get followed within our main announcements channels. If you’re a subscriber and you miss out on this please feel free to follow @cryptocoast95 (me, Jay) on twitter and mention so and I will be happy to get you invited to the server. Us gating at 100 people is also for posting that invite publicly so we don’t have a huge influx of members suddenly and it may skew the community votes or may cause too many inputs within our discussions that will diminish the quality of these early important discussions. We will be giving out custom roles to these early members and there will be benefits to having this in the future ( think white list access or unique NFTs ). We do plan on fully opening up the Discord to the community but only when we’re done having these early discussions and you will get to say you had a part in it!

Discord Invitation Link :

Thank you frens! Hope to see you in our community Discord and I look forward to having your input in our discussions!